Friday, October 2, 2015

Coming Soon: A Box Set

October is one of my favorite months: between fall setting in and Halloween, anything can happen. This month is extra special for me because I have a new Box Set being released from one of my publishers, Changeling Press (wide spread release will be next month). Malathix Soul comprises three previously released titles of mine: Soulless, Broken, and Jagged. It's darker sci-fi erotic romance that is sure to set you on fire! Check it out: 

by Ayla Ruse 

Exclusive Changeling Press Release Date: October 9, 2015
{Buy early at a special sale price}

Three aliens search for the key to their survival within the human women they are fated to bond with. 

Soulless: Province of New Texas, Earth, Year 2142 Space Lord Theradon, of the merchant planet Malathix, lives on the edge of a darkness that threatens every human around him. He must find the piece of him that's missing or face his demise. Laya Brummel unknowingly carries within herself the means to his survival. When the pair finally come face to face, will it be too late to stop the death and destruction, or will they find something deeper to hold them together and save them both? 

Broken: Earth Star Command Station, Year 2142 Thorn d'Thiem is a man on a mission. Traveling to Earth to kick his sorry brother's ass back to Malathix is an interruption he can do without. His plan: get to Earth, find his brother, return to their planet and continue working toward their species' survival. Yvette Butler needs to escape her job on Earth's satellite outpost. Her plan: find a way to get off the outpost, leave Earth behind and find a new job and a new life on another planet. Will they work together to repair what's broken in them, or will they part ways, leaving only shattered remains? 

Jagged: Southern Province of New Canada, Earth, Year 2143 Camden Royst lives by a code of honesty and logic. When he bonds with his human, it's without the emotional upheavals his crewmates suffer. But his female isn't happy, and he can't understand why. Deidre Parker always dreamed of being swept off her feet by a tall, handsome alien. But Camden won't open up to her, and she can't live with a half-sided arrangement. When they lay their cards on the table will what they reveal be enough to repair their damaged hearts? 

Publisher's Note: Malathix Soul (Box Set) contains the previously published novellas Soulless, Broken, and Jagged.

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

A Poem today

I've not been writing much of late and I've been struggling with the reasons why. About a month or so ago, something stirred in my mind and I had to stop everything to grab paper and pen to write these words. Even though they may not seem like the most uplifting combination of words, they lightened me all the same.

I've not written poetry in a very long time, but something hit me inside just right that day, and the result is as follows. Enjoy.


I am pieces

I am part

I am whole.

There is a core in me.




Surrounded by ethereal love.

Whisps blow around me

Surround me.

I walk the path laid before me.

I reach

I touch

I am touched in return.


I am taken.

Piece by piece.

Little by little.

Every little whisp soon disappears.

I have my center

That keeps me strong.




That keeps me going.




That's me.

The essence of me.


With no more whisps

What is there to take?

But they do.

They hammer and pound and tear and break

little pieces at a time.

So I won't notice. 

So I won't see

What they do to me.


My whisps are gone.

My core grows weaker

And still they demand


like I'm never-ending.

like I can go forever and still give

as I did at the beginning.

I want to hide.


I want to run away.

If only for a little while.


I need to rebuild--if it's even possible--

I need to strengthen.

I want to regain my whisps--if it's even possible--


I want my me back.

I want my me back.  

~ (c) Ayla Ruse


Top image from fotolia © St├ęphane Bidouze
Bottom image from fotolia © Okssi

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Happy 4th of July!!

Celebrate with a bang!

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Set off your own *fireworks* with some smokin' hot tales!

Thursday, July 2, 2015


It has been awhile since I've been here. 
I suppose you could say I've been "under a rock."
Ah, life. 
It gets to all of us. 
As for now, 
I'm working my way out and 
wanted to give you something stunning to look at 
while I get myself back in writing gear. 

Enjoy the sun!  ;-)


Image from Fotolia (c) Arrow Studio

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Start the New Year off with a GC!

 That's right. Head on over to the TRS Party Site anytime through January 5 to comment and enter to win gift cards from amazon plus so much more!

My prize I'll give out is a $10 gift card. Simply fill out the entry form and comment and you're in. Easy! 

Be forewarned, your to-be-read pile will grow exponentially over these days. Enjoy!


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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas!!

I hope your holidays are special.

For me, it's Christmas, 
and from my house to yours, 
have a beautiful, joyful, peaceful and merry one!


Image © Sergey Kishan

Saturday, December 20, 2014

Want more of me?

MFRW recently posted (on their author blog) 
a bit of fun from me where I share information about my writing and my life in general. Thanks, MFRW!

Stop by and check it out.